Based in a wee studio in Dundee, Mr Drew Photography creates original photography prints and provides a unique service to clients. Established in 2010, the company has experience in the photographic craft, Mr Drew Photography is a fresh faced company with innovative ideas and creative projects.

With state of the art equipment and a fully qualified team, the company is able to offer a professional photography service to businesses and clientel. The service is intended to be rewarding and fun, helping clients to get the most out of their shoot.

Mr Drew has always had a specific flare for eccentric creativity, but with a concentrated attitude towards skills and technical focus. These aspects of his personality gradually brought him to a career in photography. With a significant background in computing and a great love for technology it was inevitable there would be a clash with photo imaging.

After completing his BSc in Computer Applications Development he found the ideal job working with an extreme sports company. His position involved elements of studio photography, fashion, web development and model shoots. After a short time this fueled the passion to study the art of photography in all its forms. He has successfully completed a range of extensive photography courses and is now a studying member of the Royal Photographic Society.

With an imaginative mind and a keen business sense Mr Drew is always willing to tackle a challenge!