Skimo Scotland 2014-2015

Mr Drew Photography recently had the honour of being asked to take photos at a series of competitions held by Skimo Scotland at various locations around Scotland. Skimo events are all centred around ski mountaineering – a challenging sport combining a barrage of ski and mountain skills – such as racing up epic snowy mountains on skis!

The races were as follows:

Lecht 2090 – 27 Dec 2014
Glenshee – 24 Jan 2015
Glencoe Mountain – 21st Feb 2015
Nevis Range Vertical – 22 Feb 2015
Nevis Range – 28 Mar 2015

We were proper impressed at the skills and bravery all of the racers, and Stefan over at Morocco Media for entering a race to film it from a racer’s perspective! We’d also like to thank all of the lovely people from Skimo Scotland for their hospitality.

Obviously, this type of event is entirely different to the events we usually cover but that’s what was awesome about it. We had a great time playing about in the snow. Here are some “behind the scenes” photos of the Mr Drew team on our adventures: