F-Stop Satori EXP Backpack

Mr Drew believes in getting the most out of things, so it was with great sadness that I had to say farewell to my beloved Calumet backpack recently. The bag had seen some awesome times, been on many adventures, and done pretty well for itself but recently had seen better days (it was being held together with electrical tape and expanding foam).

However, after a bit of research, I found a suitable replacement – and it’s the best. thing. ever. Bask in the glory of the F-Stop Satori EXP – it’s truly a thing of beauty! It has everything you could possibly want from a bag – just look at it:


  • There’s more pockets than you can shake a stick at! With all my kit packed to the brim, I still have two more pockets to fill 😀
  • There’s a camel back style hydration unit in a separate container – so if it pops your camera stuffs are still completely safe.
  • It has double bag protection – there’s a bag within a bag! And the inside (ICU) bag is interchangeable and comes in different sizes so you can vary the amount of camera gear you can carry – use a medium ICU and you can jam your studio lights in with your camera gear on your back too 😀
  • It has sexy supportive straps – they spread the weight so much it feels like a mighty cushioned back hug.
  • It’s like an advanced futuristic Transformer Lego bag – you can add more bits on to it! Pouches, lens protectors – anything you like!
  • It didn’t melt when I tried to iron my Mr Drew Photography patch to it!
  • It has BONES! This bag is so hardcore it has its own set of bones (what I like to call the Framework Bone System™) to keep your camera gear safe.
  • It comes with hidden whistles – for added anti-bear-rape musical fun times!!
  • It has a 20 year warranty!
  • The zips are legendary – I don’t think I’ve ever seen mega zips so genius!! And they’re water-resistant for crafty weatherproofing-goodness.



  • No cons – love bag!!


This bag is so good I’m buying the F-Stop Guru for those days where I need a bit more ninja streamlined maneuverability.